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VW Crafter MK2 camper van graphics. These are ideal for giving your existing camper a new look or to finish off a new camper van conversion project. We offer these decals in a range of sizes to suit the different wheelbase versions of the Volkswagen Crafter.

The decals can be sized to fit the L1 (SWB), L2 (MWB), L3 (LWB) or L4 (XLWB) van. Choose your van wheelbase length from the drop-down menu.

They are shown on the L3 (LWB) van with pre-installed glass on the driver and passenger side of the habitation area.

NOTE: This kit is shown fitted to a van which has glass windows fitted to the sliding door (on both sides). The design intention is to visually disrupt that glass area, so we include vinyl that butts up against and overlays the glass. The white piece of vinyl which overlays the glass on the photo will need to be your van base colour, so add a message on the checkout page to confirm your van colour.

Following customer requests, we now have options to include pieces of black vinyl to fit into the window panel area to create the effect of a window. That piece will extend towards the cab and will require trimming around the cab window. If you have glass installed on just one side of the van, then you can add a piece of vinyl for the opposite side so both sides of the van match. Just select the relevant options from the drop-down menus.

Kit contents:

  • 2 x large side graphics, supplied in 10 pieces for each side of the van.
  • 2 x BLACK window extenders.
  • Colours are applied separately.
  • Available in a range of colour combinations.
  • Made from 5-7 year life vinyl.
  • Covered in application tape.
  • Trimming is required around panel edges.
  • Suitable for a wet application.
  • Gaps in the design are clear, so the van’s background colour shows through.


Colour combinations:

This is a 3-colour sticker kit, shown as:

First colour: BLACK (window panel extenders)
Second colour: RED
Third colour: BLACK

Other colour combinations are available, please choose from the menus.

Additional Information:

  • Durability: Our graphics are designed to withstand outdoor conditions, ensuring longevity and vibrant colours even in challenging environments. Our decals can be found on vehicles in environments from the Arctic Circle to the Australian outback.
  • Installation instructions: We include fitting instructions for easy installation. No specialised tools are required. See also our fitting page for tips and videos.
  • Customisation options: Apart from colour variations, we offer customisation options for dimensions and additional features. Contact our team for a quote.