Frequently Asked Questions

How to order

Purchasing your car stickers is simple with our secure and streamlined checkout service. Payment is made by credit card or switch card through our secure paypal gateway. No payal account is needed!

When will my order arrive?

We make everything to order, but aim to despatch your order within 3 to 4 working days from receipt of your order. If we are out of stock on any materials we will email you. Overseas post is unpredictable, so it is impossible for us to tell you when your order will arrive. Most items arrive in less than 2 weeks but it can often take longer. For large orders (over £100) we upgrade to courier shipping, which is usually 5 days delivery worldwide.

Will the decals damage my car?

The vinyl we use is designed for use on cars, so as long as you follow the directions, your decals will not damage your car’s paint. If the paint is already damaged or the car has been poorly repainted, you might have problems when you remove them. If you have a new paint job in the last couple of months, ask your body shop about a waiting period.

What are the decals made from?

We use 5 to 7 year life vinyl specifically developed for use on vehicles and outdoor signage. For cut vinyls we are currently using Avery 500 and Metamark M7. For printed and laminated graphics we use Metamark air release. 

How long do the decals last?

The material we use is actually designed to last 5 to 7 years. Even though the vinyl was developed for vehicles, with the amount of daily wear and tear a car goes through, you will probably begin to see some signs of ageing after 3-4 years. Remember that while the decal is on, it is actually protecting your car from weather and UV damage so the real issue is the ageing of the areas of your car not covered by vinyl. 

Does the weather affect the decals?

The material is designed for outdoor use, they stand up to weather very well. They won’t fade or crack in any weather conditions. We send orders out all over the world, and the materials cope just as well with Alpine winters as they do with Middle Eastern summers and miserable British weather.

How easy are stickers to install?

Most of our designs are a single, large piece, which requires two people to do the installation. One person can do smaller accent pieces quite easily. One of you should definitely be the “lead” while the other person helps with positioning and gently offering suggestions. You can work outside or in a garage. Remember it is nice to be able to stand back a little and look at your work, particularly when you are deciding on the final positioning. Definitely stay out of direct sunlight – it’s hard on your eyes and it gets pretty warm working alongside a large heat-absorbing object. Also, stay out of the wind – you really don’t want to be working with a giant piece of sticky stuff in the wind! A moderate day is perfect. For full details see our installation guide.

How long does it take to install the decals?

Simple kits can be fitted in less than half an hour, including a tea-break. Rally kits may take all day.

Remember patience is a virtue; there is no award for finishing in 20 minutes. If you are a super careful person, you might even take longer. If everything goes super smoothly, you might take less time.

Can I have my decals installed professionally?

If you don’t want to install your own decals, you can contact your local sign-maker, window tinting company or wrapping specialist. We sell graphics to a wide range of people with a range of fitting abilities. 

What if I damage my decal while I’m installing it?

This happens quite often, but not to worry. If the damage prevents you from being able to use the decal we will supply you with a replacement piece at cost price.

How do I remove my decals after they’ve been on my car for a couple of years?

The best way to remove the decal is to use a hairdryer to heat the vinyl. The heat warms up the adhesives and makes it easier to slowly peel the decal off. Alternatively, make a cup of tea and pour water from the kettle onto your stickers. Don’t pour hot water onto cold windows though.

Can I reuse my stickers?

Sorry, no you can’t reuse the decals. The material will stretch as you pull it off so once the decal has been removed, it is only good for the bin.

Will the adhesives leave a residue?

Usually, there will be a glue residue, which can be removed using a cloth with methylated spirits, white spirit, petrol or any other organic solvent.

Will the car wash hurt my decals?

Wait a couple of days after you install your sticker but once the adhesives have set, you don’t need to worry about car washes.
Pressure washers are OK but make sure the nozzle is more than 2 feet from the sticker. Be careful of the cheap roadside hand car-washers, they dont always concentrate and might get too close with the nozzle. Always jet wash it yourself!

Can I wax my car?

Yes. But we recommend hand waxing rather than using a power waxer/buffer. The buffer is spinning pretty fast and might catch the vinyl and pull it off. REMEMBER: Do not wax your car before installing your decals because the wax will interfere with the adhesives, causing them to peel off.

Do I need to do (or not do) anything special after I install my decals?

It is best to avoid very wet or cold weather conditions for 12 hours so the vinyl can cling its maximum capacity. In cold/temperate climes it is good practice to go over the area with a hair dryer to help the adhesive bind.

What if the decal starts to peel up?

Peeling vinyl is mainly caused by failure to remove the wax from the vehicle before fitting. If you notice your decal peeling make sure you take care of it right away. Hopefully, the material is still sticky and you can just smooth it back down onto the clean car with your fingers. If you still have your installation tools left, you can use the smoother or even use your library card to press the material back down. If the material isn’t sticky because it has got dirt on it, you can cut that piece off.
DO NOT try to superglue them back on, this will ruin both the sticker and your paintwork.

Can I apply decals on my newly painted car?

Please wait at least 60 days for the paint to fully cure before installation. 

How accurate are the colours on the website?

We strive to make the website as accurate as possible but the colours will be different from what you see on screen. How the colours appear on your computer screen will depend on your brightness, gamma & contrast settings.

Can I install part or all of the decal on the window?

Vinyl will stick to glass no problem. Remember: Make sure you don’t block your visibility!

What if I decide I don’t want my decal after it arrives?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your stickers you may return them to us for a refund or exchange provided that the product/s are returned in their original packaging and condition and carefully packaged for return. Buyer is responsible for return postage costs. Many of our items we are happy to accept returns for. We cannot accept returns for custom orders. This means if you order a custom sized bonnet wrap, or say, a large dragon in magenta pink, we cannot realistically be expected to accept returns on these items due to the fact that we cannot re-sell or re-use the materials.