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The showcased images above display the majority of vinyl colours we use. Our selection includes high-quality outdoor-grade vinyl with a lifespan of 5-7 years, specifically designed for vehicles. Predominantly, we use Avery 500 and Metamark M7 rolls of pre-coloured vinyl. Please note that due to the limited range of available colours, precise matching to specific RAL or Pantone colours may not always be possible.

Important: The colours presented here serve as a guide and are influenced by your computer screen brightness settings. Notably, anthracite may appear different based on ambient lighting, as evident in the two photos of the same material in pictures 3 and 4.

To achieve a truly accurate representation of the vinyl colour, we offer to send a colour sample to you by post. Affix the vinyl sample to your vehicle for an authentic portrayal of the colour. Note that all vinyl is slightly opaque, and the final colour will appear darker when applied to a dark-coloured vehicle.

You can easily order multiple samples by adding them to your cart. Feel free to order as many as you need (within reason)! Our samples are complimentary, and we only charge a minimal fee to cover postage.


Examples of different colour combinations for vehicles:

Effective colour combinations are often achievable with both black and white vehicles. However, customers frequently own cars of different colours, making the selection of suitable vinyl colour combinations challenging. To assist you in making the best choice that complements your base colour, we’ve compiled images featuring diverse colour combinations that harmonize with various vehicle base colours. The galleries below serve as a preliminary visual guide, providing a general sense of colour combinations. Utilize these images to refine your colour preferences, and subsequently, order vinyl swatches from us to assess how these colours complement your specific vehicle.

Colour combinations for vinyl graphics