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GMC Sierra large graphics. They are shown on the 4th generation dual cab 1500 GMC Sierra, but they can be trimmed to fit all earlier versions and facelift variants. The decals do not have any door handle cutouts, wheel arch or door line splits. These will require trimming during fitting. Vinyl will not stick to unpainted textured plastics.

Kit contents:

    • 2 x graphics (one for each side of the truck).
    • Colours are applied separately.
    • Gaps in the design are clear so the truck background colour shows through.
    • Trimming is required around panel edges, wheel arches etc.
    • Available in a range of colour combinations.
    • Covered in application tape.


This is a 2 colour graphics kit, shown as:
First colour: BLACK
Second colour: RED

Choose your colours from the drop-down menus.