Ford Transit MK7 full 001 – racing stripes


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Ford Transit MK7 racing stripes from Street Race Graphics Ltd. These are shown on the short wheelbase (SWB) MK7 Transit van, but we can make them to fit the medium, long or extra long wheelbase (MWB, LWB or XLWB).

Kit contents:

  • Matching (mirrored) pair of racing stripes; one for each side of the van.
  • Pair of bonnet & front bumper viper stripes (pre-spaced).
  • Pair of tailgate viper stripes (pre-spaced)
  • Trimming required around rear number plate and door handles.
  • Will suit barn door and tailgate versions.
  • Made from 5-7 year life vinyl.
  • Gaps in the design are clear so the vehicle colour shows through.
  • Covered in application tape. 
  • Available in a range of sizes and colours.

Choose your size & colour from the drop-down menus (LWB and XLWB rear stripes are long enough to suit the high roof).