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2-colour Camouflage cut-vinyl graphics, to suit all medium to large sized cars. This kit is shown on a BMW M4, but will fit all similar-sized cars.

They are supplied as separate pieces of coloured shapes, each to be fitted one at a time and overlapped in places. The graphics can easily be adapted to fit different cars by adjusting the spacing or trimming off bits. The pieces can be fitted in any arrangement, so you can change the appearance from the suggested layout shown in the photos.

Kit contents:

  • 2 x side camouflage graphics, in 12 pieces per side.
  • 1 x bonnet & front bumper graphic, in 8 pieces.
  • 1 x rear tailgate & bumper graphic, in 8 pieces.
  • 1 x roof graphic, in 4 pieces.
  • Trimming required around wheel arches, lights and windows.

Vinyl will conform to curves with some heat; heat gun or a hair dryer.

This is a 2 colour camouflage graphics kit, shown in the bottom two images in the SNOW CAMO colours:

First colour: BLACK
Second colour: DARK GREY

Choose your colour combination from the menus.

Available in Avery 500 series regular (5 year life) vinyl for a low cost option, or choose a higher grade Hexis Air release vinyl which has a longer life and is easier to fit.