Coronavirus Update

JULY 2020

We are open for business. We will stay open for as long as the post service is still operating. We are a small online business operating from a unit based at a residential address, so we work from home.

Currently there are no significant delays for post within the UK. For overseas post, we are still happy to send items to Europe and worldwide, but please expect post delays due to postal staff shortages and goods quarantine.


More information available on the Royal Mail website

FRANCESpecial quarantine measures in place against Coronavirus from Monday 16 March. As a result, La Poste need to comply and may have a reduced workforce available, and not be able to deliver mail to specifications, with signatures on delivery suspended in order to prevent any further spread of the infection. Delays to mail services can be expected.

ITALY: There are some areas in Northern Italy where the post service has been suspended completely. 

NEW ZEALAND: All flights have been suspended into and out of NZ, so post services have been suspended indefinitely. 

SPAIN: The status of Alert in Spain and Spanish territories is extended to 11 April 2020. Also, international flights have been suspended with dispatches temporarily moved to road services to maintain mail flow but this will result in extended transit times.

Correos the Spanish postal operators has implemented special measures in order to reduce the risk of the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Customers should expect delays and also reduced tracking and signature capture. Correos will be applying strict ad hoc measures in line with government instructions in order to minimise human contact.

Correos have also significantly reduced the workforce deployed in the logistics chain, with regard to both sorting and delivery.

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